I’m a mum-of-12 and get up at 5am to start making breakfast – trolls always say the same boring stuff in the comments | The Sun

A MUM-of-12 has revealed that she gets up at five am to start making breakfast and lunch for her bumper brood.

US-based TikTok user Alicia Dougherty, who posts under  @doughertydozen, uploaded a video sharing her and her partner preparing everything.

The busy mum certainly has her hands full, so having a lie-in is just out of the question.

In a clip she shared on TikTok, she shows herself making taking a big gulp of coffee with her partner before getting to work.

She first lays out 26 slices of bread to make sandwiches, adding different fillings to each and bagging them up.

She also adds fruit and a yoghurt to every lunchbox, along with the sandwich and a bag of crisps.

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Luckily, each lunch box has the child's name on so everyone knows whose is whose.

Once the lunches are ready to go she gets to work on breakfast, of course with such a large family to feed breakfast is a mammoth task.

The busy mum makes pancakes whilst her partner begins making a massive batch of chili for dinner.

Multitasking is clearly a must for the family, so as the pancakes cook she starts chopping cheese and meat to go with the fluffy pancakes.

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Finally, all of the breakfasts are ready and the duo put them on paper plates before high-fiving.

People couldn't believe how efficient the parenting pair were, one said: "Team work makes the dream work!"

Another said: "You manage find but deserve a bigger kitchen!"

And a third commented: "You've go to start teaching those kids to do it themselves!"

Someone else quipped: "This looks like a full-time job!"

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