I’m a mom and I almost never clean my baby’s high chair tray – my smart hack is a game-changer | The Sun

LISTEN up, parents: no matter how messy your baby is, you don't need to waste time cleaning a high chair tray anymore.

Instead, implement one mom's genius hack into your mealtime routine and stop mess without spending a lot of money.

Mom Brittany Harrison went unexpectedly viral with 1.9million views when she shared her babyproofing strategy on TikTok.

She opened the video with a prompt: "the mom hack you wish you'd thought of sooner."

In the short clip, Harrison's baby sits in a high chair, waiting patiently for food.

Before she breaks out the SpaghettiOs, Harrison reveals her secret weapon: a roll of plastic wrap.

Then, the video smash-cuts to the high chair tray – and the baby – covered in food. But the mom doesn't panic.

Instead, she lifts the sheet of plastic wrap from the tray, and in one second, the tray is totally clean.

"You're welcome," Harrison wrote at the end of the video, also calling her hack a "mealtime game-changer" in the caption.

High chair covers are nothing new, but Harrison's approach is distinctive.

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Silicone placemats are available for upwards of $15 online, and they're a great option if you want something reusable.

Disposable "travel" tray covers are also widespread online, with packs of eight covers available for as low as $5.99.

But if you want an easy, everyday solution, Harrison's hack is definitely the cheapest.

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You can buy 100 feet of plastic wrap at your local dollar store, and have a nice, clean high chair for only pennies.

Or save the plastic-wrap hack for messy meals that risk staining, like spaghetti, Jell-O, or pudding.

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