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LAUNDRY day is always a bit of a drag.

Not only is it time-consuming, but it can be frustrating when you realize you’ve shrunken a sweater, discolored a pair of pants, or lost socks along the way.

The electrical retailer and appliance company, AO, which sells washing machines and tumble dryers, often posts useful life hacks and tips on their TikTok page @ao.

Recently, the account shared five tips to make laundry day a little bit easier.


The first tip involved the amount of heavy items, like towels and bed sheets, you try to clean at once.

“Stick to the washing machine’s weight limit.”


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The weight limit should be printed on the front or side of the machine and will typically be somewhere around 7-15 pounds.


Although many of us want to get the whole laundry basket done in one load, AO warned against overdoing it.

“Don’t stuff too many clothes in.”

This could slow down the cycle or cause a less-thorough wash.  

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We’ve all dealt with the annoyance of realizing we are left with a few mismatched lone socks because the pair just disappeared in the machine.

AO said you can solve this problem with laundry nets, which cost $7 on Amazon, as they will prevent small items from getting lost during the cycle.


AO’s fourth tip was: “Put the washing machine on an extra spin to get as much water out as possible.”

This will decrease the length of your drying cycle.


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Although you may not realize it, washing machines, themselves, need to be cleaned.

"Run your washing machine on its hottest cycle once per month to clean it,” AO recommended.

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