I’m a hot cop but wear low-cut tops when I’m off-duty – men are begging me to stop and search them | The Sun

LADIES love a uniform, and it turns out the feeling is reciprocal.

When one police officer posted pictures of herself in and out of uniform, the comments section was flooded with admirers.

Sandra Rose Calzone is a police officer who posts clips about her life on TikTok, including snapshots from her patrol car.

In a series of recent videos, Calzone gave followers a peek behind the curtain – and a sense of her casual, off-duty outfits.

First, she posed for selfies in uniform, smiling with a necktie in one picture and standing laden with tactical gear in another.

The next clip featured a glimpse at her "civilian" wardrobe.

Calzone smirked and batted her eyelashes in a low-cut, long-sleeve top, as well as a tank top and hoodie combo that displayed a hint of cleavage.

"Gorgeous in and out of uniform," wrote one fan. The rest of the commenters agreed with him.

"I wouldn’t know how to act to have a woman this d**n beautiful by my side," another admirer said.

"I committed a crime, " one man joked. "Arrest me."

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One man claimed he ran a red light, while another taunted, "I was doing 55 in a 20."

"I never wanted to be stopped and searched so bad in my life lol," said another would-be criminal.

"Her eyes are so beautiful I didn’t even notice she was a cop in the first picture," a man admitted.

Several men were willing to join Calzone in her work if it meant spending time looking at her gorgeous blue eyes.

"Can you take me on a ride along?" a polite gentleman asked. "That would be fun."

And several men said they were already on the way to becoming officers themselves.

One said he'd recently taken his entrance exam for the police academy, which earned him well-wishes from Calzone herself.

"Good day to pass my polygraph exam in the hiring process," another proud commenter said.

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