I'm a gym girl who's undergone a 'glute transformation' – people can't believe it when they see what I eat in a day | The Sun

A GYM girl has revealed her glute transformation along with what she eats in a day to coincide with her workout routine.

The fitness fan has shared dozens of videos online showing off her glutes and how she's achieved her looks.

TikToker Sophie Mcinnes (@sophierosefit) wrote in the on-screen text of her video: "What I ate today while bulking."

Sophie said that she consumed a total of 2,692 calories and 151 grams of protein.

She started her day with a bowl of Rice Krispies cereal and a protein yogurt, which had 10.8 grams and 25 grams of protein.

Later in the day, she ate a whole roasted chicken, which was 728 calories and 72.8 grams of protein, with a wrap and two packets of rice.

Then, she had thick bread toast and a protein hot chocolate.

The video, which was captioned "full asf now" with a crying emoji, has been viewed more than 951,000 times.

She clarified in the comments that this was just an example of what she ate on one particular day.

"This is literally just what i ate today i’m not saying i eat only this every day," she wrote.

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Many people asked in the comments for the protein hot chocolate recipe but wondered if it tasted good.

"yes soo good," Sophie responded.

Others marveled at how she ate a whole chicken – let alone all of the food she described.

"how do you stomach all of this I literally can’t, i feel ill when I consume this much and I can’t do protein drinks, u look so good!" one person wrote.

"how does she even have time to make all this i make chicken nuggets after work and call it a day too exhausted," someone else commented.

"Where is it all going?" a third person asked.

Sophie's videos about her life and workout routines have earned her 141,000 followers on the platform and 8.6million likes.

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