I’m a gran & wore a tattoo on my face for Halloween, it won’t come off, I’m worried I’ll have to go to work like this | The Sun

A GRAN who put a temporary tattoo on her face for Halloween was left in a panic when she realised she couldn't take it off for work the next day.

Elizabeth Rose, 46, bought some scary-looking tattoo stickers for herself and her granddaughter but she quickly regretted putting them on their faces.

Showing the temporary inking on her cheek and lip and forehead, she appears to have gone for the look of a mad clown with freaky teeth.

The TikTok video, which has gone viral with over one million views left many people in hysterics.

She said: "Put a tattoo sticker on, join in a bit of Halloween, you know?

"Put some on my granddaughter as well, she's seven, and my daughter rings up going 'has it come off?'


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"Well, it can't be that difficult, surely?"

Elizabeth picked up a silicone face scrubber and started scrubbing it off her face, but the sticker just wouldn't budge.

She then tried the small patch on her forehead and it was the same.

"F*** sake, I have meetings tomorrow!" she sighed.

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Viewers were quick to laugh at Elizabeth's blunder and share their remedies to remove the stubborn tattoo.

One wrote: "The thought of you walking into the office like that has me rolling and I don’t even know you!"

Another person commented: "I had this problem too! Ended up using nail varnish remover."

A third added: "Honestly grab a roll of packing clear tape. Put it on smooth and it will peel right off!"

A fourth added: "You will get all your projects approved if you show up in the meeting like that."

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Meanwhile, a fifth said: "I know it’s your face but nail varnish remover will take this off."

Fortunately, with a little micellar water Elizabeth was able to remove the tattoo before her work day.

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