I’m a gardening whizz, I transformed my patchy lawn in just six seconds with one bargain buy – people call me Picasso | The Sun

AN AVID gardener has revealed how she transformed her patchy and brown lawn in less than ten seconds – yes, really.

The warmer temperatures and the longer periods with no rain have left many gardens across the world looking a bit rough – but one woman has come to rescue with an easy hack.

The gardening enthusiast, only known as @greengirlcanada, took to TikTok to reveal how she gave her lawn a glow-up in an instant – and it's all to do with spray paint.

At the start of the video, the whizz, from Vancouver, showed what the grass looked before the transformation.

The hot weather had left several bright brown patches all over the property, making for an untidy and unkempt look.

But then the woman grabbed a bottle of a special solution in green and sprayed a generous amount onto the dry patches.

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Within seconds, the once-brown patches had changed their colour and looked lush.

A few extra sprays later, the grass had blended in so well with the background, you couldn't even tell it was looking rough just moments ago.

Praising the product, she wrote in the caption: ''Nice evening for dog spot duty!

''Lawnlift Canada covers your brown and burnt lawn instantly!

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''This is our concentrate mixed 7-1 in a repurposed Windex bottle!''

She chuckled in her profile: ''The grass is greener where you paint it.''


According to the website, LawnLift is the best-selling grass paint in Canada and the US and will provide you with instant results.

Depending on the area you wish to cover, the product is available in a range of sizes and shoppers can even nab a massive bundle of almost 23 litres.

Prices start from around £30 and the lawn paint, which can even be used for football fields, is said to be safe for kids and pets.

''No run off into soil. Permanent once dry!'' the TikTok user went on in the comments.

Posted just one day ago, the clip has already gone viral on social media, racking up over 3.2million views.

Hundreds flocked to comments totally blown away by the Before and After makeover – and someone even dubbed her a well-renowned artist.

''Picasso….I like it.''

Another seemed to be sold on the idea, writing: ''Not me doing my whole yard with this.''

Someone else also had nothing but positive words to say: ''I live in Texas. Grass dies so quick in the heat.

''I use this ever summer and my yard looks great! It lasts for weeks too. It's basically liquid fertiliser.''

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Others, however, weren't that impressed, with one chiming in: ''I would rather prefer to have turf instead.''

''My brain is not braining,'' a person was baffled.

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