I'm a gardening expert – there are five fast-growing vegetables you can harvest in under a MONTH

A GARDENING expert shared tips and tricks to first-time gardeners on the five fastest-growing crops they can harvest within a month.

The YouTube channel Epic Gardening, hosted by Kevin, boasts over 1million subscribers and offers advice to first and longtime gardeners alike.

One of the most-viewed videos, with over 3million views, is titled 5 Fast Growing Veggies You Can Harvest in Under 1 Month.

“If it’s your first time gardening, I’m of the belief that getting a win under your belt is a huge moment,” said Kevin. “That first harvest is something you never forget.”

Kevin then goes over the five different crops that gardeners can grow in under a month. The video ranges from crops that can grow within 10 days to ones that take nearly the whole month to harvest.


The first crop Kevin introduces is microgreens, which he claims are his favorite crops to grow.

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“It’s the same seeds that you would use to grow a plant to its full form but you just play way more of them and plant them very densely along a tray,” he said.

Kevin compares the grow to Chia Pets “and in fact, you can actually grow chia microgreens, if you wish.”

He states the crops grow really fast, are highly nutritious and that gardeners can cycle grow them.

“You can keep succession sowing them, tray after tray can come out of the garden and they’re very easy to work into recipes.

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While technically still microgreens, Kevin groups them differently due to the different growth times.

Peas are very easy to sprout and are highly nutritious and the seeds can be soaked if the gardener wishes to do so.

 Sunflowers, according to Kevin, have a very unique nutty flavor which he calls “refreshing.” He recommends soaking them and making sure to watch out for mold because it’s a bigger seed and more things can go wrong.

When growing peas and sunflowers, Kevin says they take about 12 to 15 days to harvest.


Baby lettuce or baby greens are microgreens that are allowed to grow even longer.

 He recommends spacing them depending on how big you want the eventual harvest to be. If you want bigger greens, spacing them apart allows the leaves to grow more.

However, if you want the harvest to be small, planting them closer apart gives you a denser harvest. 


Crops such as beets are included in this category and Kevin says that he prefers to eat beet greens. Radish and Turnip greens also fit into this category.

“You can harvest them for their greens before they start to bulb out, there’s nothing wrong with that,” said Kevin.

“They germinate fast and they grow fast.”

According to Kevin, baby radishes can be harvested at the 30-day mark, while turnips and beets may take a bit longer to harvest.


Crops such as kale and bok choy are what Kevin refers to as "extra greens. Kale will take longer than 30 days to harvest but its baby variant can be grown within the month and harvested to use in garden salads.

Bok choy baby variants are good crops to use in a stir fry, according to Kevin.

“There are a lot of different ‘extra greens’ besides the world of looseleaf lettuce or these more simple greens.”

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Kevin ends the video by harvesting his crops and turning them into an easy-to-make garden salad.

“These five groups of crops are extremely easy and fast to grow, so you can have your first successful harvest and build your gardening confidence,” he concludes.

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