I'm a foodie, I swear by 'ugly chicken' – my family love it but have no idea it's been sitting on the shelf for months | The Sun

HOW would you feel about eating chicken that’s been sitting in a jar on the shelf in your home for months?

That’s exactly what one foodie has come to swear by, as she revealed that storing chicken outside of the fridge is her new cooking hack and go-to.

The woman, who is on TikTok as @northidahomade, explained she’d heard about the idea from someone else and decided to give it a go.

But she didn’t tell her family before she served it up, as she didn’t want to “skew their opinion.” 

Reaching for a jar of the chicken she’d left in her kitchen cupboard, the social media user explained: “This chicken has been sitting in a cabinet with no refrigeration for months. 

“When I put it in the jar, it was raw.  The fond name for this type of chicken is ‘ugly chicken’ – but tonight ‘ugly chicken’ saved dinner.”

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She then went further into the technique, assuring her 122.8k followers that she deemed it perfectly safe and hygienic if the right method is followed meticulously. 

The foodie continued: “Is this chicken safe to eat? 

“Yes, it was pressure canned for 75 minutes at 240 degrees, which created a hermetic seal, making it both fully cooked and shelf stable.

“If you’ve ever heard of the French term ‘chicken confit’, it is by definition chicken preserved and cooked in its own fat.

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“This is essentially what pressure canning raw pack chicken does.”

She later claimed: “Raw packing jars of chicken before pressure canning is an acceptable method of food preservation prep.

“The jars are then heated to such a high temperature under extreme pressure, bacteria, botulinum toxins etc are eliminated.

“The jar becomes a vacuum and the food is safely preserved. If the seal is good, the food is good.”

Once this was done, she decided it was the moment of truth and made a chicken dish for herself, her husband and her kids. 

She explained she gave the chicken a quick reheat in the oven for 30 minutes at 375 degrees and then “served it over parmesan, garlic, orzo and asparagus.”

And how did it go down with the rest of her family? 

She revealed: “The final result was fall of the bone, tender.”

Adding that her husband and kids couldn't get enough of it and “wouldn’t stop eating,” she continued to say “my husband went for thirds and had no idea it was ugly chicken.” 

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But not all of the TikToker’s followers were so convinced by the idea – but @northidahomade said as long as the seal is intact, she would recommend it to anyone. 

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