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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the real reason cabin crew has to have their hair up at all times – and it's nothing to do with hygiene.

Like in most professions, being a flight attendant comes with a list of rules to follow, and amongst those is rocking a sleek bun or a ponytail.

But although most of us might assume this is something to do with hygiene, one woman, who works for Wizz Air, has revealed that's not necessarily the case.

Since joining the airline, Rania, from Austria, has been very open about the profession and has taken to TikTok to spill some beans.

The real answer behind the hairdo, she claimed in her video, is to do with safety.

''If your hair is longer than 15cm, it needs to be in a bun or up.

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''This is because in an event of an emergency, it needs to be out of your face.''

Rania, who posts under @itsmekikooooo, went on to add it also helps the company's image, making for a more professional look.

According to her, there are also other things to bare in mind if you want to join an airline.

As well as being 18, you need to have a high school diploma and demonstrate fluency in English.

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In terms of other skills, it's also necessary you're able to swim in case of an emergency.

When it comes to appearance, Rania claimed it's forbidden to have any tattoos or piercings, although earrings are fine.

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Another must, she said, it that you have an arm reach of 210cm whilst standing on tiptoes.

Since the rise of social media, more and more airline employees have shared the secrets of life in the sky and the Emirates cabin crew member Tessa Johnston is no exception.

On her @tessajohnstonn TikTok, which has more than 216,000 followers, she uploaded a video listing all the beauty must-dos as a crew member.

''You must have foundation on, you must have blush on.''

Tessa, who's been working at the company since 2019, also revealed the airline is also very strict about their eye make-up look and there are two options to choose from.

''So you can have one – must be mascara, and the second one can be either eyeliner or it can be eyeshadow.

''You can actually do all three if you want but you must minimum have two,'' she explained, rocking a combination of a black mascara and a warm eyeshadow.

Of course, no Emirates air hostess is a true Emirates hostess without the signature red lippy, she noted.

In previous videos, the 26-year-old has also spoken about the role more in-depth, revealing that you have to be based in Dubai if you get the job.

“If you are hired, you can be hired from any country in the entire world, they will move you to Dubai. 

“They will give you accommodation and they will pay for it, you’ll either have roommates or if you are married or have family in Dubai, they will give you accommodation allowance to get your own place.

“They do pay for your flight to come to Dubai.”

Staff must be 21 to apply, and have an arm reach of 212cm on tiptoes and minimum height of 160cm.

Tessa also showed inside the free uniform kit that every new cabin crew member receives. 

In the suitcase was one Emirates winter jacket, two blazer jackets, four skirts, four waistcoats, one cardigan, four white shirts, one belt, two veils, two pyjamas and the iconic red hat.

For shoes, they get one pair of high heels and one lower pair.

Tessa added: “There are actually four styles of Emirates shoes – high heel, mid heel, low heel and flats – and you get to pick two – one must have a heel, the second must have a low heel or no heel at all.

“When you are walking through the airport, you are boarding customers or customers are leaving the aircraft, you must have a heel on.”

During food and beverage service, crew must wear the lowest heel or flats for safety reasons.

She added of their famous pristine make-up: “There is no official red Emirates lipstick, we are free to wear whatever we want as long as it matches the red hat.

“I use the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 96.”

When they use a mask due to Covid restrictions, lipstick is not required.

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She added that she also wears Kylie Cosmetics – Mary Jo for the lip liner and swears by two coats of moisturiser to keep skin hydrated during flights.

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