I’m a female cop and showed my exact getting ready routine – people are seriously impressed | The Sun

A police officer has shared the specific routine she does when preparing for a shift.

Taking to social media in a video that's been liked over 150k times, the officer detailed how she gets ready – from the very moment she wakes up.

In a TikTok video, cop Taylor showed how she transforms for her shift.

Hopping straight out of bed, she first gets into the shower.

Clad in an orange towel and sporting wet messy hair, she transitioned into wearing her police uniform.

She put her hair in a high ponytail, and her uniform consisted of a black short-sleeved shirt that said "police," which was topped with a vest.

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I’m a female cop – guys are intimidated until they see me out of uniform

I’m a female cop – people don’t expect me to look so good out of my uniform

She also donned black cargo pants with a belt that held all her equipment.

All smiles, she finished things off by showing herself in her police cruiser.

Previously, a female cop said people don’t expect her to look so good out of her uniform, and they’re often stunned when they see her off the clock.

In a video, Erin, who is a part of the Toronto police service, showed followers what she looks like in and out of uniform.

First, she gave viewers a peek at her in her parking enforcement officer uniform, complete with a yellow vest and helmet.

In another clip, Erin was out of uniform and dolled up.

Her hair wasn't pulled away from her face like it typically is when she's on duty. Instead, her soft blonde curls cascaded down her shoulders.

Her makeup looked natural and simple, with rosy cheeks, nude lips, and thick eyelashes.

A tan, ribbed turtleneck shirt tied Erin's look together.

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