I’m a fashionista and these are the three types of tops you should avoid at all costs if you’re flat chested

ARE YOU flat-chested? 

Well, if you weren’t blessed in the breast department and need some fashion tips, we’ve got you covered.

It can be a challenge to know what types of clothes are most flattering for our bodies, but thanks to one fashionista, known as ‘Stylexfox’ on TikTok, has some simple rules to follow to suit your figure.

The fashion fan regularly shares fashion styling videos and her latest one, posted just one day ago, has left many people stunned.

According to this woman, it turns out that if you are flat-chested, there are three types of tops you should avoid.

So if you have any of these in your wardrobe and are wondering why you aren’t feeling confident in your clothes, you might want to reach for a bin bag quickly. 

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The fashion fan uploaded the video to TikTok, with the caption ‘The last one was hazardous to bend over in’.

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She said: “Tops to avoid if you are small chested.

“Anything that can fold in on itself like scarf or wrap tops.

“Straight necklines that are higher than your cleavage.

“Any strappy top that needs tension to stay in place.” 

If you have small boobs – do you agree with this? 

In just a day of being live on TikTok, this video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 60.3k views and 836 likes. 

One person said: “I found my people. Any tops to wear?”

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Another added: “I have two of those tops for a self confidence boost and to love myself a little bit more! but I genuinely agree with you on the tops.” 

A third TikToker asked: “Tops to wear?”, to which the fashionista said “I’ll make a vid!”

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