I’m a fashion whizz and there are two items you need to ditch from your wardrobe – they make you look so cheap | The Sun

A FASHION whizz has revealed some of the trends she would never wear and thinks no one else should either.

According to Ella, who shared the clip on her TikTok account @ellabellaaa_, they're only going to make you look cheap, no matter what you spend on them.

The first thing isn't something you need to throw away or avoid buying, but it might add five minutes on to your morning routine.

Ella said that not ironing your clothes can "make an expensive piece of clothing look really cheap", and she showed a picture of a creased blue shirt next to one that's been neatly ironed or steamed.

Whilst a creased shirt is easy to fix, there's no fixing neon clothing, so it might be time to retire or donate those items.

The bold colours can also make an expensive item of clothing look cheap, the fashionista noted. That said, there is one exception – shoes.


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If paired with the right pair of jeans a pair of neon heels can look really trendy and elevate an otherwise boring outfit.

Ella explained: "Especially when you have a really plain coloured outfit neon high heels can look really great."

After sharing the clip on TikTok people were left divided by the items Ella picked.

One said: "I refuse to iron my clothes. Huge no lol."

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But someone else wrote: "I agree with wrinkled clothes, huge pet peeve of mine. But I love neon, especially with a tan."

A third said: "I agree with most of this, I think all neon looks cheap though."

"Neon anything makes you look like you're going to a rave, each to their own though," another agreed.

"I love neon clothing, but I live in a vacation destination so here it's a must," someone else wrote.

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