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A FASHION blogger has shared a few simple tricks to look slimmer and your absolute best, no matter your body type.

Fashion expert Jen has gone viral for a TikTok video in which she shares her three simple tricks to instantly slim down your body.

For many people, body positivity is incredibly important, especially when it combines with fashion tips that showcase your best angles.

Known on TikTok as @jen_x_style, beauty influencer and fashion blogger Jen went into detail about what not to wear when you want to look slimmer and offered cute fashion alternatives.

Not only is Jen popular on TikTok, but she is also the owner of her own fashion brand JX Collection, which sells men's watches, women's clothing, and cosmetics.

In a 41-second video, the fashion guru delves right into the topic of discussion as she appears on screen at the start of the video.


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"Look INSTANTLY slimmer with these 3 tricks," she says while bold white subtitles simultaneously appear in the center of the screen.

Her first piece of fashion advice is not to wear formless dresses.

"Instead of wearing loose-fitting formless dresses, rather choose a dress that actually accentuates your middle and gives your shape, enhances your curves," she claims.

While Jen is speaking, examples of style choices worn by curvy women in dresses are shown in the video as visual aids.

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One woman is wearing a tan belt to further accentuate her waist in a loose-fitting green polka-dot dress, while another is wearing a deep green dress that cinches at the waist.

From there, Jen immediately moves on to the second tip, which is to avert from pattern-print bottoms.

Wearing flowery patterns and colorful, gaudy prints can have the opposite desired effect.

"Even though they can bring fun into your outfit, if your goal is to look slimmer, rather choose a monochromatic palette that will always look slimming," she suggests.

A plain, dark bottom with slight details can be both stylish and have a slimming look.

Finally, the third tip is to not wear horizontal patterns. The pattern may actually cause wearers to appear wider.

"Stripes are very sophisticated and [are] a great print to wear," the Tiktok user states. "But instead of wearing horizontal stripes, opt for vertical stripes that give the illusion of elongation."

Wearing vertical stripes leans the person out and elongates their waist.

The comment section of the video was flooded with praise for the fashion tips.

"Horizontal stripes [are] a big no-no and I have never liked them on anyone," one TikTok user commented.

"This helped," another added.

Though many people found the tips informative and helpful, there were a few with questions.

"Why do they always make horizontal stripes for the larger woman? It's seldom that you get vertical stripes," another user commented.

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"How do I hide my bottom roll from my lower tummy with my t-shirts," another asked.

Jen's TikTok account also boasts a plethora of other fashion tips including basic items to start your capsule wardrobe and how to hide your big tummy without shapewear.

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