I’m a fake tan whizz, a £6 MEN’S product is the best for fake tanning your face – they’ve kept it secret for years | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed her new favourite fake tanning product – and it's been around for years.

Although the product has been around for a while, women didn't know about it as it's been marketed for men, and they've kept it a secret from us all this time.

Hollie Eden shared the product in a TikTok video demonstrating the incredible glow it gave her after rummaging through her partner's beauty stash.

She said: "I just need to show you this product that my boyfriend has been gatekeeping from us all."

The fake tan whizz explained that she gets dry skin on her face and wears fake tan on her body but this product gives a healthy glow and a tan without having to worry about it sticking to dry patches.

The product, L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Healthy Look Tinted Gel is currently on sale in Boots for £5.99 and gives Hollie an effortless glow and hint of colour which sits perfectly under makeup.


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"I'm obsessed.

"It makes you look so healthy," Hollie exclaimed.

She then revealed how to use the product and takes a pea size amount to cover one side of her face and instantly gives her some colour.

The fake tan fan does say it smells like men's products but insisted it didn't break out her sensitive skin.

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The video has since gone viral with over 180k views and people in the comments section under the video were seriously impressed.

One wrote: "I'm telling you, men's products are always better. Don’t get me started on razors."

"I’m running to get this," claimed another woman.

A third penned: "Absolute angel for sharing this thank you! Running to buy it as we speak."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I got this because of you & I'm in love. This product is the best-kept secret."

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