I'm a fake-tan super fan and my £2 hack stops it ruining your bed sheets | The Sun

ARE you sick of having to wash your bedsheets every time you fake tan? 

Luckily one content creator has shared her hack to stop it from transferring – and it’ll cost you less than £2. 

Abigail Parkinson, known online as @abigailparkinson_, regularly shares lifestyle content with her 35,000 followers. 

In one of her latest videos, the content creator tests out one of her follower’s theories – that if you cover yourself in talcum powder after tanning, it stops it from transferring onto your sheets. 

Abigail has nothing but positive things to say about the hack, adding that it removes the sticky feeling some fake tans leave too. 

She uses Johnson’s Baby Powder, currently available in Tesco for £1. 


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“I’ve gone for the Johnson’s baby talc. Let’s see what happens. 

“But you know what? I’m not being funny, but you can’t feel the stickiness. Like I actually think this could work. 

“I actually think this is going to work. Look at the difference. 

“Right, I’ll show you my bed sheets now, and then when I wake up. 

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“To [preface] this, I am always so tan. Like I wear so much tan, and it’s always the darker shade, so my best sheets I have to wash them every single week and I just get sick of it. Not the life for me. 

“So if this works, this is going to change my life. 

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“Okay, so this is what we are currently dealing with. So they’re white, right? 

“It’s smooth. I’m not sticking to the sheets. I’m like regular skin in here. Do you know what I mean? It’s free. 

“Hello. Okay, let’s see. 

“And like the tan’s still on. It works.” 

Fans loved the content creator’s hack, with the video gaining more than 12,800 likes and 267,000 views. 

In the comments, Abigail’s followers praised the ‘genius’ idea, with one writing: “Ah I end up sleeping in long pants and long top feeling all sticky gonna try this tonight.”

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Another said: “Noo why didn’t I see this 20 minutes ago before I got into bed after tanning.”

One shared her own hack, writing: “I get the sleepy one. Smells like lavender so not sticky and don’t smell like tan. Win-win!!!”Another said: I use talc as dry shampoo as well! so much better.”

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