I’m a dog trainer – there’s a breed that owners are never prepared for, they roll in poo, can be aggressive and jealous | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL dog trainer has revealed the one breed that owners are never truly prepared for – the Jack Russell Terrier. 

Adam, the Director and self-confessed Master Trainer of the Southend Dog Training company, shared a clip of himself on TikTok to explain why these furry creatures are a lot more than just cute, small dogs. 

Walking along a road, he said: “You wanna know what it’s like owning a Jack Russell, do you?

“Well imagine having a baby with a constant s***ty nappy, how’s that smell? That’s what it’s like owning a Jack Russell because that little f****er will find the only bit of s**t in the field and roll around in it. 

“They love it! Now, similarities to babies is where this ends because if you baby that Jack Russell it will become aggressive to the world, it will hate life.” 

Adam went on to explain that the breed should be treated more like a “large dog” because of their big personalities. 


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He said they’re true to the nature of terriers and have “strong” hunting instincts. 

“Babying this dog, you will break it. It will be a shell of a dog and that’s fair,” he said.

Calling Jack Russell dogs “highly intelligent”, he said the key is to make sure they socialise enough.

“If it has limitations, if it’s taught properly, if it’s taught exercise and taught an off-switch, if it’s not babied, they generally do really really well with small children. 

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“But Jack Russells are prone to being jealous, but that’s normally when you baby them. Again, I mention this a lot because this is what happens with Jack Russells.” 

He ended his speech by raving about how the breed is “very hardy, energetic and healthy” but added that the owner needs to “know what you’re doing”. 

Owners of Jack Russells were quick to comment on his assessment of the breed as one person hit back: “I’m really sorry but this comment has really bugged me as not all jacks are like this. Mine has been brought up around children and is fantastic”. [sic] 

Another said: “My Jack Russell is nothing like you’ve just described.” 

“My jack russell is the most gentle dog, loves everyone who comes in the door. His amazing! He must be a one off!” [sic] a third said. 

But others could see his point with one person admitting: “There’s no bigger dog than a Jack Russell”. 

Another confessed: “I have the babied jack Russell and its true I’m paying for it !! tbf he’s described my jack Russel to a T lol”. [sic] 

And a third said: “I adore my jack but you’re right, I mollycoddled her too much, BUT she is amazing and so loyal and loving”. 

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