I’m a dermatologist – the 3 skincare mistakes you’re making now… do you want to age like a wrinkled old raisin? | The Sun

A SKINCARE expert has revealed three most common mistakes people make when they are in their 20’s.

The dermatologist says she wishes she knew about these skincare mistakes when she was in her 20’s and claims they could see you ageing like a wrinkles raisin. 

Dr Shereene Idriss shared the common mistakes in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “I’m a 39 year old board certified dermatologist and here are the top three things I wish I knew in my 20’s.”

The first mistake Shereene said most people in their 20’s make is not wearing sunscreen everyday. 

Shereene said: “Number one sun damage is real. You may not see today, you may not see tomorrow, but the reason I went into dermatology is because eventually you will see it and I will not need to convince you.”

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“But you're just gonna have to live your life to see it in the form of sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines, you name, cancer it does pop up so what can you do?”

She answered: “Where are the d**n sunscreen, save yourself a lot of headache and money down the road on cosmetic procedures if you just wear the d**n sunscreen.”

“After you brush your teeth, pop it on your face it becomes a habit that will be hard to break.”

The next mistake the skin expert says people make is not washing their face before they go to bed. 

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She said: “I don't care how wasted you are and it's Friday night wash your d**n face before you go to sleep. Use a cleanser get your makeup off because allowing your skin to sleep with makeup and the buildup of the day overnight it's only going to lead to a dull complexion overtime.”

She added: “So if you want to age like a plum and not a raisin wash your face at night."


The last mistake Sheree said people make is using to many skincare products at once. 

Shereene said: “It can be just as bad as neglecting your skin if you're going to freak the F out and stress yourself out with your skin care routine and try to get every single product under the sun

Shereene argued: “ By over exfoliating your face and by overusing actives you are going to trigger and inflammatory response at a younger age is gonna lead to a premature breakdown of your collagen.”

“So overdoing your skincare when you do not need it it's gonna most likely age you faster at the end of the day life is all about balance and if you can't do anything in moderation don't do it at all.”

The skincare pro’s video racked up over 106,000 views online.

One user said: “Going to wash my face now Dr. thanks.”


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Another said: “Sun damage is so for real!! I wish I was smarter about my sun protection earlier.”

“Darn I'm 38 and made all those mistakes oh well,” said a third. 

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