I'm a dermatologist and this is how to pop a spot without making it worse

A PROFESSIONAL dermatologist shared her top tips for popping a pesky pimple without causing any damage to your skin.

Dr. Ava Shamban explained that when it comes to spots it's better to leave them well alone but if you have a white head, there's a safe way to do it.

In a video on Allure's YouTube channel, she explained the process for the perfect pop.

Dr. Ava said: "The truth is that though popping a pimple possibly might get rid of it a tiny bit faster, there's a much bigger possibility that you will cause unintentional damage and spread the problem even more.

"It sort of makes sense that popping a pimple will open up the blockage and release everything that's trapped below, right? Wrong.

"It could have that effect if you're extraordinarily careful but more than likely what will end up happening is that you will inadvertently spread the infection."

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The expert went on to explain why this can happen.

She said: "If you apply too much pressure onto the skin, what you're really doing is pushing that build up of oil and bacteria down which causes pressure.

"The bacteria is spread all through your skin and suddenly what was one contained problem has now multiplied into multiple not-so-contained problems."

She added that by picking at your skin you run the risk of causing permanent scarring.

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Dr Ava did however, confirm that you can have a go at a white head, if you're very careful to follow her rules.

She said: "Because a white head isn't inflammatory, you might be ok if you do it properly.

"You take a warm washcloth, you hold it on to the pimple, that will soften up the rice crispy top.


"Then very gently take two Q-tips and apply a little bit of pressure so that whiteness comes out.

"Afterward you can put a little soap and water on it followed by some hydrogen peroxide, some salicylic acid or even a tiny bit of toothpaste.

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"You can take that off and put your make up on."

She also advised that anyone with more than the occasional white head you should go straight to a dermatologist rather than tackling it alone.

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