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A MAN has revealed there could be mould hidden all over your house thanks to a specific issue that’s easy to correct. 

The cleaning whizz, who works as a microscopist, took to his social media account to inform people of the secret spots mould could be hiding in. 

Brantley May started the clip by showing the side of a wooden chest of drawers, which looked completely normal at first glance. 

“Find hidden mould with this flashlight trick,” he wrote over this. 

He then said: “So if you look at this dresser, it looks fine… Even if I flash a flashlight at it, it still looks ok.” 

Demonstrating, he turned the flashlight on and pointed at the side, where it still appeared to have nothing on it. 

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“But skimming it across the edge, you can see all the mould growth,” he continued, showing the sheer amount of mould that was hidden there.

TikTok user @buildingscience continued: “This type of mould growth happens in high humidity, so monitor your humidity levels.” 

In the caption, he added: “Find hidden mould with this flashlight trick! You want to make sure your humidity is typically under 60% in the home to avoid air quality issues.” 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person asked: “Is it mould or dust?” to which he replied: “Definitely both.”

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A second said: “Looks like dust catching on the rough wood surface.” But again, Brantley said: “It’s def mould. We see it all the time in humid climates. 

“I’m a microscopist and we analyse these. 1 square cm of this can be ~15 million mould spores!”

Another quizzed whether a dehumidifier would be the answer, but Brantley insisted that was a “bandaid”. 

“A well built home & proper AC should prevent humidity issues,” he added. “The best thing would be to find the humidity’s root cause,” followed by a thumbs up emoji. 

Another person complained: “We can’t get our house humidity under 50% without running a dehumidifier 24/7. Not realistic!! Tips?” 

Brantley responded: “Depends on where you live. 50% humidity is good, especially in a humid climate. 

“If it were constantly above 60%, that’s a different story!” 

And a fifth asked: “How do you clean that?” 

He replied: “Well, the whole house looked like this! So it’s a complicated process. In this case, you want to leave it to a professional.” 

According to MasterClass.com, the first step in cleaning white mould from a room is to ventilate and hoover the area up. 

You should then use soap, water and a soft bristled brush to scrub down the area. 

“If you’re working with raw wood, you can use a cloth rag with a small amount of bleach to wipe down the mouldy area,” the website states. 

Other methods include using baking soda with water and applying it to the area before scrubbing it down. 

You can also use distilled vinegar, chlorine bleach or simply sand down the surface. 

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And these are the five key mistakes to avoid when getting rid of mould. 

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