I'm a cleaning whizz and my cheap hack means your towels will never feel like scratchy cardboard again

ANY KEEN cleaner knows how annoying towels are to wash.

Chucking them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry just doesn't seem to cut it.

After that first wash, even the more expensive towels seem to never return to their prime softness.

But if you want to preserve that brand new, fluffy feeling, there is one handy trick.

It turns out using white vinegar is the perfect trick for restoring your towels back to their former glory.

Seeking advice on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one cleaning whizz asked if anyone had any tips for making washed towels soft again.

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She asked: "Any idea on how to keep my bath towels soft when line drying as opposed to being like exfoliating boards?"

It's no secret that towels that get used everyday don't stay soft very long and start to feel more like cardboard as time goes on.

This is actually partly due to the build up of soap and water on towels.

Most fabric softeners have silicone in them, which prevents your towels getting a proper wash.

That's where white vinegar comes in to play.

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Don't worry about the smell either, one user said, "You can make scented vinegar by adding essential oil to the vinegar bottle and leaving it, then shake before use."

Another keen cleaner said: "I use white vinegar in the rinse cycle, It takes out any residue left in your towels and fluffs them up.

"If you use this method you’ll have no more crunchy towels.

"It's amazing and the cheapest product I’ve found to restore them."

Other cleaning experts chimed in: "I used to have smelly clean towels until someone told me about putting one cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle, my towels smell clean and fresh now."

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Another added: "I do this method in every wash. Also stops your washing machine from smelling."

While one user quipped: "Yes, it really works. I've been doing this for over 10 years and it doesn't leave a smell."

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