I'm a cleaning addict & scrub for five hours a day – a MILLION people follow my tips, I can't sleep if there's mess

WAKING at 6am, mum-of-two and self-confessed cleaning and organisational addict Laura Williams jumps out of bed – before immediately making it.    

She’s the only one allowed to do it in her house, not trusting husband, retail manager Craig, 33, to use her special method to tuck the corners in perfectly. 

Then she ensures two pillows are placed on the covers before turning to the rooms of her son, Ellis, five, and daughter, Hallie, two.

In between making breakfast and lunch Laura, from  Newport, South Wales, vacuums, does the washing up, makes sure the laundry is folded to perfection and puts everything away according to her colour-coded storage system. 

It takes her between two  and five hours every day but it’s worth it – especially since her cleaning hacks have now earned her an almost  astounding one million TikTok followers.  

“My followers message me to say they love my no nonsense grime and grit approach,” the 30-year-old receptionist, who launched her TikTok account in July 2020 but didn't start posting until October 2020, said. 

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“A video showing me using a wipe to remove my makeup and then using it to clean the outside edge of the oven garnered a staggering one point three million views because people found me relatable.

“Now he’s labelled me the ‘ grit and grime cleaning queen’ – I’m glad other people have realised it too!”

“And while I was trolled with people saying I wasn't cleaning properly, I was using the wrong products, I wasn't cleaning thoroughly because I shared pictures of damp mould behind cupboards,  I wasn’t British because my accent was ‘Welsh’ and I was showing off, others said they loved the fact I did what they did and weren't scared to share it.

“Others said they adored that I didn't sugarcoat the reality of running a household.

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“A clip of me pulling out the dishwasher in the kitchen and revealing the shocking mess behind it went viral. 

“When I cleaned my washing machine for the first time in five years and used nappy to soak up the water that drained out I filmed it and people loved it. 

"It stunk – and that’s what people really want to see.”

Laura always tries to do things on a budget, aware people haven’t got tons of money to spend on pricey cleaning products.

Her favourite products are bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar and water spray, an all natural cleaner, which she swears by.

I can’t sleep if something isn't done correctly and to perfection

“People think it stinks but it doesn’t,” she said. “You can’t smell it as it disappears quickly and if you don't like vinegar add citrus peel to the cleaning bottle.

"My house doesn't smell of fish and chips soaked in vinegar. It’s clean and organised and I’ve saved money doing it.

“I use it in the bathroom for limescale removal, toilet cleaning, windows and water stains.

“I use it undiluted on super grimey areas.

“In the kitchen white vinegar with water in a spray bottle keeps the hob and sink shiny and clean.

“I also use shaving foam to clean towel racks, taps, radiators and make metals shiny.

My leather sofa is always covered in kids dirty finger marks but I clean it off with vinegar and olive oil.

“The vinegar cuts through grime and the olive oil keeps it looking new.

“Friends are astounded by that tip.

“Kids’ toys are cleaned with a vinegar solution.

“I go through at least three litres of vinegar and two boxes of bicarbonate of soda a week.”

She also loves organising things for ease of finding including kitchen equipment and clothes. 

“The children’s clothes are all folded and colour-coded and I can’t sleep if something isn't done correctly and to perfection,” she said. “I deep clean different rooms on different days of the week.”

I consider myself a ‘real life grit and grime cleaning queen who loves to show people the good, the bad and the ugly side of cleaning.

Laura now loves her cleaning TikTok – although she admitted it still took her by surprise.

She said: “I didn't set out to be a real life cleaning queen but I  love sharing my cleaning addiction.

“Being a ‘clean tok’ queen happened accidentally but for me it's a great sense of satisfaction because I know I am not alone.

“I am addicted to cleaning and organisation. 

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“I am obsessed with it. It’s what makes me happy and I love being able to show the world my mostly natural cleaning tips.

“I consider myself a real life grit and grime cleaning queen who loves to show people the good, the bad and the ugly side of cleaning.

“I’m not afraid to show people mess and how I turn it into order. 

“People love the fact I am a very ordinary mum in a three-bed house with two kids who is addicted to cleaning.

“I’m proud my streamlined systems mean I can ‘speed clean’ and spend time with the kids and my man."

She revealed how her obsession started aged just 11. 

“My mum told me I would change my bedding on a weekly basis and insisted everything was spick and span,” she said. 

“While other kids hated helping their mum or nan clean I’d offer to do it.

“I moved into a one-bedroom annex at 19 and became addicted to making sure it sparkled.

“When Craig and I moved into our current home in March 2017 I was in my element.

"I had an eight-month-old baby in a carrier and still managed to care for him and spend 15 hours a day transforming the house from from lacklustre to loved.

“We spent £2k  on the makeover because I did most of the work myself.

“I ripped out the old kitchen myself and found a free one locally.

“I painted and wallpapered all the walls in different shades of grey with the only difference being a beige theme in the living room.

“Craig hates flat packed assembly but I am addicted to putting items together.

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“What took him six hours to put together I’d do in sixty minutes.

“Now he’s labelled me the ‘grit and grime cleaning queen’ – I’m glad other people have realised it too!”

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