I’m a bride – people say my dress was ‘inappropriate’ for a church wedding but I disagree | The Sun

A BRIDE wore a gown that she loves but has caused a stir online with many saying that it was inappropriate for her church ceremony.

She shared a video response to critics who said that her dress was an improper choice for the occasion and disagrees with the negative view.

Newlywed Jaidys Thompson shared a video celebrating her nuptial bliss and showing off her beautiful gown for the occasion.

Though she is smiling and happy in her wedding photos, one viewer left a comment saying "that's not a appropriate dress to wear in a church."

Not one to let it dampen her mood, the young woman replied back in another video clarifying that she doesn't care what the other woman thinks of her gown.

Captioned "Well, for you it would definitely be inappropriate, but for me it was perfect," Thompson claps back in the most polite way.

In the new bride's video, she pins the TikTok user's comment to the top left as she shows off additional wedding photos and videos of her gorgeous dress at her nuptial event.

The gown in question has a cap sleeve style at the top with a plunging sweetheart neckline covered in lace that lifts and shapes her bust and cinches in her lean body shape.

The top of the lace garment was not the most revealing part but rather the bottom half was the cause for alarm for several people.

The lace details cover the bodice and only up to the bride's crotch before it becomes completely see-through.

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In one photo in the video, the bride is standing in front of natural light and you can see her bare legs through the dress.

To make it more appropriate, she pairs it with a puffy tulle train that covers her backside.

Many viewers were in consensus that Thompson's wedding gown may not have been appropriate for the religious environment, but she still looked beautiful in it.

"Gorgeous but definitely not for church if ur going to have a religious ceremony. We shld respect it," one user commented.

"The comment is right is not appropriate but it sure does look beautiful," another person added.

"The priest from my church would have sent me home to change and come back. Where is that???" another inquired.

"Beautiful dress but not for church we must have respect," a viewer shared.

Concerns about the wedding gown are in the rearview as Thompson and her husband are now expecting their first child.

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