I'm a bride & I nabbed doughnuts from ASDA instead of spending £300 on a cake… trolls say it looks 'cheap' & 'tacky' | The Sun

A BRIDE has been brutally slammed after giving her wedding guests cheap ASDA doughnuts instead of a pricey cake.

Around £400, and in some cases more than £700 – that's how much a wedding cake costs in the UK, according to experts.

But as the cost-of-living crisis continues to soar, one cash-savvy mum decided to stay thrifty and find a more affordable alternative for her nuptials – a pile of supermarket treats.

Rather than forking out a fortune for a posh cake for her guests, the bride, only known as Chloe, nabbed doughnuts from ASDA, spending £41 for the haul.

According to the mum-of-two, who posts under the username @thesimplemum, the couple couldn't ''justify £300+ on a wedding cake''.

To go with the doughnuts – a whopping 144 in total – Chloe had also snapped up a top tier for £40, and decorated the stunning display of treats with delicate white flowers.

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Cash-savvy Chloe added that the doughnut display also went down a treat, as some bridesmaids tucked into the goodies before cutting of the main cake on top.

But whilst the guests may have loved the doughnut station, the reaction on TikTok was mixed – and some even slammed Chloe for the budget-friendly approach.

One, for instance, reckoned she could've put in more effort, writing: ''but u couldn't have at least arranged it in a nice display…so cheap & tacky looking [sic].''

Someone else added: ''I made my own wedding cake, 4 tiers and it still cost less than this…''

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Another chimed in: ''wow asda doughnuts… sorry but I rather not to get married than serve cheapest cakes to my guests.''

''Asda doughnuts are rotten as well shame,'' a fourth agreed, whilst a person described the overall presentation as ''awful''.


However, there was also heaps of support by those who thought the idea was ''excellent'', as one put it: ''Love this!! ..At the end of the day, you're paying to marry the love of your life; not spend hundreds/thousands on cake and food for everyone else!''

After being trolled for being ''cheap'', Chloe took to her page to hit back at the meanies and added that ASDA doughnuts were ''banging'' in her eyes.

According to Chloe, who also thought about serving sausage rolls at the ceremony, there was simply no need to spend a fortune on something that will eventually end up in the bin.

''Wedding cake never gets eaten! Even half of our top tier got thrown away,'' she later told her followers in the comments.

''We’re a doughnut over cake family!

''My guests were enjoying the day so much we started tucking in before the cake cutting. Happiness over appearance you know.''

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