I'm a beauty pro and here's four skincare trends that are ridiculous – I’d never dermaplane for one, it can go so wrong | The Sun

A BEAUTY pro has taken to TikTok to share the four skincare trends that we need to forget – including shaving our face. 

Natalie, known online as @natalie_oneillll, regularly shares beauty and skincare tips with her 117,000 followers. 

In a new video, she shares the trends she thinks don’t actually help improve the quality of your skincare – including dermaplaning. 

She claims it can do more damage than good, and bring you out in whiteheads. 

During the one-minute video, she said: “Four skincare trends I would never do, let’s go.

“In at number one, skin cycle. Don’t come for me. 


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“To get the best results from retinoids, you need to be using them three or four days in a row after you’ve adjusted to them. 

“After you’ve adjusted to them. 

“You’re never really going to adjust to it properly if you keep using it then skipping it for four days and then using it again. 

“Just works better when you use it consistently and I’m mainly talking about Tretinoin and Differin here. 

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“In at number two, dermaplaning or shaving your face. 

“In my opinion, it’s unnecessary. I feel like having hair on your face is normal and if it goes wrong, it can go very wrong. 

“Not just talking about scratches or cuts. I’m talking about disrupting the skin and the follicles. 

“A lot of people do it for the first time and wake up with a white head in every pore. Don’t believe me, Google it. 

“And number three is dermarolling. That is the trend where people buy the £7.99 roller off Amazon which is covered in needles and then roll it over your face and expect there to be a good result. 

“Please for the love of God never do this at home. 

“I could not think of anything worse for an untrained member of the general public to be doing at home. 

“In at number four is ice rolling. 

“Skin doesn’t like extremes of temperatures. 

“That means hot, cold. Don’t wash your face with really hot water, it dries it out, it’s very damaging. 

“Don’t put ice on your face. Any of the benefits you see are purely temporary. It feels nicer than it actually does anything meaningful. 

“And if you get it wrong, and the ice is too cold, your skin is going to hate you for it.” 

Fans loved Natalie’s honesty, with the video gaining more than 75,400 likes and 720,000 views. 

In the comments, some agreed with her advice, with one writing: “I agree w all of this, especially the skin cycling, the only cycle I organize my skin with is my menstrual cycle.”

Another said: “You are so right about dermaplaning it caused me skin texture!!”

Although it wasn’t a clean sweep, with some sharing the positive results of these trends on their skin. 

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One put: “Skin cycling literally cleared up my acne idk bro lol.”

Someone else added: “I’ve never broken out from dermaplaning, just don’t touch your active acne and you’re good.”

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