I’m a beauty guru and found the best dupe for the new Fenty lipstick, the shades are identical and coverage is the same | The Sun

A BEAUTY guru has revealed she’s found an affordable dupe to Fenty’s newest lipstick. 

While the Velvet Liquid Lipstick has been making the rounds across influencers on social media, it sells for a whopping £24 in the UK. 

And while Aisha admitted that it’s every bit worth the hype, she’s found a lipstick that does just about the same thing for a mere £6.49. 

“Like everyone else on the TikTok app, I bought the Fenty Beauty Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick,” she told viewers to start the clip off. “Not only did I get the lipstick but I got it in the most bold shade it comes in… MVP.” 

Removing the lipstick from its black packaging, Aisha was in awe at the look of the red lipstick as she went on to praise Rihanna. “Miss Fenty knows what she’s doing, doesn’t she…” she said. 

“Earlier this week, I actually came on smoke and said that the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick was a dupe for the Fenty Velvet Icon Lipstick. So today I thought, since I now have it in my hands, I will do a side-by-side swatch and show you guys if it really is a dupe.” 


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After removing her nude-coloured lip gloss, she applied the Fenty product to the left side.

Generously covering her lips in the deep red, she shared: “That is the Fenty Beauty side, what do you guys think?”

@itsurgrlaisha_ then applied the Rimmel lipstick in the shade ‘Fire Starter’ to the right side of her lips. 

“Now, instantly, the shades are incredibly similar. I would eve say the coverage is pretty much the same.” 

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Aisha said the Fenty side is a “deeper shade” before going on to test how transferable to two products are. 

Blotting her lips onto  a clean white tissue, viewers could instantly see how the Fenty side had “some transfer” while the other one had none. 

She continued: “Overall, I’m not trying to say that one brand is better than the other. I’m just trying to show you guys that you can also get cheaper alternatives of the bigger brands. And sometimes, they can even do better.

“Either way I am in love with the formula for the Fenty Beauty and I do not regret buying it. This is going to look great on my make-up stand.” 

Viewers were left divided on which brand’s lipstick they preferred as one person wrote: “they both look so good but fenty all the way deffo the colour is just that tad bit better”. [sic]

Aisha replied: “the undertone on the Fenty one is perfect! But they are both amazing”. [sic] 

Another suggested: “A little translucent powder on the fenty – no transfer”. [sic] 

While a third shared: “Same exact shade… love it”. 

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