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WITH price hikes on nearly everything, it may make it difficult to be able to afford your regular beauty treatments – like getting your lashes done. 

However, thanks to TikTok beauty fans are sharing their top tips on how to do beauty on a budget. 

Ellie Marie, who goes by the name of elliewhiteeee on TikTok, has claimed that you can get salon treatment at home for half the price. 

She claims that you can do semi-permanent lashes yourself at home, for under a fiver. 

Ellie says: “If you pay an extortionate amount of money on your eyelashes. Stop. 

“All you are going to need are a pair of strip lashes, they can be any you want, I think these are mink lash, these are from Shein, they were 75p. What a bargain. 


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“And then you’re going to need some scissors, some tweezers, a spoolie, and you are going to need hair bonding glue. 

“You are going to find this on Amazon or beauty shops, it's £2.99 and I’ve had this for years.

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“Without this, the lashes are not going to be lashing.

“That’s literally all under £5 for all of those things.

“The first thing that you are going to want to do is cut your lashes into sections going from the end bit, to the inner corner bit.”

Some beauty experts have warned against using hair bonding glue, as they claim that adhesives contain formaldehyde, which can cause a severe allergic reaction over time that can result in oozing and crusting. 

As well as “Loss of eyelashes.”

It is recommended to stick to eyelash glue. 

Ellie continues: “When I first started doing this, I used to cut them up really thin but I find that it is a lot easier doing them a little bit thicker. 

“Obviously you can just experience and see what works best for you, but I think this works better for me.”

She gets the glue and uses a makeup brush as her applicator.

Then first, she “grabs the eyelash from the outer section and works my way inwards, so I start on my right eye.

“I’m literally going to apply the glue on the top of my lashes.”

'Under a fiver'

She continues: “I lift my eye up, and take the lash and stick it right underneath my lashes starting on the outer corner. 

“Then I take the end of the tweezers just to push it up, then I do the same to the next lash and carry on all the way down. 

“Once you carry on doing this you get more practise and it just becomes so much easier, trust me

“I like to use the end of the tweezer to hold it out there for a bit to make sure it's stuck in place.

“I use the back of it to press the lashes and curl them up

“Also with the tip you want to try and get it as close to the other lash as you possibly can.

“When I have little gaps, I will sometimes put a little lash on top just to fill in that gap.

“Also when they have dried a little bit, I take the tweezers and squeeze them with my real lashes and mould them together. 

“I also go with the spooley to brush them.”

However, she adds a full disclaimer to the bottom of her video.

She wrote: “This works for me and I’ve had no problems with this. You can use other glues that are more safe and that work for you.” 

And someone else recommended using “Eylure glue” as it’s “eye safe.” 

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Someone else added: “Can they be easily removed ? & has the glue ever stuck to your natural lashes?”

To which Ellie replied: “Yeah really easy to remove,if you struggle maybe just use some coconut oil to soften it down.Also there’s been times the glue has stuck to my lashes.” 

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