I’m a baby name pro and hate people who invent baby names – there’s some that are so bad, I wouldn’t wish it on any kids | The Sun

PICKING the perfect name for your newborn can be tricky, especailly if you don't want to give them something popular.

That's why more and more parents are inventing their own baby names, but professional name consult Steph says some are definitely better than others.

Posting on TikTok, Steph explained that invented names aren't necessarily all awful, but there are at least five she'd never recommend to any parent.

Some made up names sound familiar because they combine already existing names to create something new, like Blakeleigh and Lakelyn.

Some parents even invent names to sound like they're Celtic, French or from other places when they're not at all.

Steph says "Icelyn, Irelyn and Scotlyn" are "invented Celtic-inspired names" she's actually a fan of.


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Another winner for Steph is Maxon, which combines Max and and Mason, alongside the made up name Renesmee from Twilight.

The Invented names Steph would never use?

The controversial Abcde, (pronounced Ab-si-dee) Amiracle, Jaxon and Payson are all big no-no's.

"I'm not always a fan when people add and lee sound to an already existing name, but I think it really works in the case of Wrenly," Steph continued.

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Todrick and Treyson are also less than desirable for Steph, despite their already growing popularity.

Other parents shared the invented baby names the used on their own kids in the comments.

"My invented baby name is Hycinthia, like the poisonous flower Hyacinth, so pretty and the nicknames are endless," one mum wrote.

Another said: "My daughter's name is invented, it's Stelliana from Stella and Anna."

"I have a Graelynne and Maebrie," someone else quipped.

But others thought inventing names wasn't a great idea, one user wrote: "Whatever happened to Michael, David and Mary and Anne?"

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