I'm 5'7", 160 lbs, 34DD – I saw a man say women who weigh as much as me are gross but people say I'm 'absolute goals' | The Sun

A MIDSIZE woman has been applauded for poking her head above the parapet and sharing her vital statistics on her platform.

It was a gutsy move, but her aim was to try and "normalize normal bodies."

She certainly appeared to do that, with fans describing her as their "absolute goals."

Measuring in at 5'7", 160 lbs, and a 34DD, Galenn Nicole's (@galennsek) body dimensions are unexceptionably average.

Nonetheless, even she has been subject to uninvited comments.

“People are always shocked when I say my weight and it makes me self-conscious," she wrote.

"But whatever, accepting my body finally," she said with pride.

She posted her video in response to a view echoed by a guy on social media.

“Today I saw a man make a TikTok saying women who weigh 160+ lbs are gross," she said with some disbelief.

By sharing her body measurements, she hoped to dispel such harmful myths.

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There was a lot of support for her post with over 52,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Thank you for this transparency," was the grateful comment from one person.

Another said: “You look absolute goals.”

“Love what you do, keep spreading body positivity love," was the view of another fan.

Concluding her post, Galenn cheered one follower.

“You just made me feel better about myself," they said.

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