I'll Never Tire of Sale Shopping — These Are the 17 Items I've Just Added to My Cart

I’ll Never Tire of Sale Shopping — These Are the 17 Items I’ve Just Added to My Cart

Shopping on sale gives me a unique kind of joy, because I’ve yet to find something that tops the thrill of a deal. There were admittedly a bunch of sales over Christmas and New Year’s, but I was traveling over the holiday season. Plus, now those sales have been marked down even further, which means now’s the time to shop. As much as I love sales, I have to admit that the sheer volume of product can make even a season shopping veteran like myself have to take a deep breath. But, I’ve braved the pages and pages of discounted items to bring you what I think is the best of this best.

These 17 items are year-round staples you’ll always want to have. From cool totes to classic boots and cozy scarves, you can’t go wrong with any of the items on this list. But if any of my loved ones happen to read this, I’m a really big fan of that Isabel Marant blazer . . .

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