I work in a nursery, parents always say the same annoying thing when they dump their kids on us

ONE nursery worker has revealed the most annoying thing that parents do just before dumping their kids off for the day.

The woman, who is a full-time nurse at a childcare centre, said that parents sometimes refuse to change their own baby's nappies.

Taking to her TikTok account, the nurse explained how parents constantly "jokingly" comment on how she "must love nappies."

Posting under the username @thenursery_nurse, she replayed an interaction she had with one mum.

After completing the child handover when the woman came to collect her daughter, the woman returned with the baby moments later.

Asking if she had forgotten anything, the nurse said the mum replied with: "No, I just strapped her into her car seat and she decided to do a poo."


"Oh bless her she saved it for Mummy, you are more than welcome to use our nappy changing room. It has all the nappies, and supplies and everything else you need in there" replied the nurse.

After she was met with a blank stare from the mum, the nurse said she would change the child herself.

The baby started crying hysterically as she thought the mum was dropping her back into the nursery.

After a dramatic nappy change the mum said: "Is she always like that?"

The nurse replied: "No, no, not at all, she is usually an absolute dream. I think she just got a little bit upset because you brought her back here and then she got a bit confused."

The mum then said that she figured it was best to leave the nurse to the changing, as presumably she enjoys changing nappies.

"See I couldn't do what you do, but obviously I didn't want to stop you doing the nappy, because you're a nursery nurse, you must love them," said the mum.

The post has been viewed a whopping 845k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Why would a parent expect someone else to change their child?" commented one person.

Another added: "My son did that loads and I went and changed him myself! Once you pick your child up they're YOUR responsibility."

"You're so nice. I was talking to the screen like 'no, no your shift is done!' Lol" commented a third.

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