I work at Domino's – everyone wants to see underneath my work uniform but I'm not that easy | The Sun

A PIZZA worker has been asked what she looks like under her uniform, but she keeps men guessing.

Amy, who goes by the TikTok handle @pizzagirlamy, is a delivery girl for Domino’s in Chicago.

She uses her social media platform to create different NSFW scenarios and reenactments as a delivery girl.

Amy hopped on the trend of women showing what they look like in and out of their work uniforms, but she took a different approach.

In one TikTok video, she wrote: “My fav customer wants to see under my workwear.”

She was wearing a shiny black short-sleeve shirt with a button-up collar. She also had on a matching visor with the Domino’s logo propped on her head.

Amy seemed to be considering revealing what her undergarments and body look like underneath her clothes.

Then the audio made a: “Eh, nuh uh,” sound, which served as her declining the request.

Rather than taking off her uniform, she shook her head and finger.

“Oooohhhhhh… but but but,” someone pleaded Amy to reconsider in the comments.

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In a follow-up video, she put up a similar prompt that read: “When a good looking customer wants to see what’s under the uniform but he didn’t give you a tip…”

Amy began unbuttoning her top, but when she realized she wasn’t even tipped, she turned down this offer as well.

A man eagerly and bluntly commented: “Show us.”

Then in a more recent video, Amy continued teasing her followers.

She followed a trend in which women usually pull at their oversized clothes before transitioning into half-naked reveals in bikinis or lingerie.

Amy instead held up her Domino’s shirt in front of her, with just her red bra straps peeking from behind.

She began pulling and pushing the shirt away from her.

But when the part in the song played when women typically do their big reveals, Amy kept the shirt pressed against her, proving that she’s not that easy.

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