I work at Costco and tried the ‘hot girl apron hack’ – it gives you an hourglass figure in seconds | The Sun

A COSTCO employee tried a viral apron hack that's supposed to give you an hourglass figure instantly.

Lucy Rose, a retail worker, shared the hack video with her TikTok followers.

"Hot girl apron hack," she said, holding up a large red apron.

The Costco employee wrapped the garment over her waist on top of her uniform and tied it tightly.

She showed off the curvy figure the apron gave her.

"Makes me feel curvy," she said, sharing hourglass emojis.

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Her followers took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Many were thankful for the advice.

"You're the reason I'll be getting good tips today," said one commenter.

"Thank you."

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Others couldn't believe the wonders the hack worked.

"Wizardry," said another.

"Omg b****," said a stunned viewer.

"Baby snatched," said a fourth.

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