I wore a tiny bikini to the beach and my mom judged me – I found her reaction hilarious | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has shared her mother's funny reaction to the tiny bikini she wore at the beach.

She felt judged by her parent, but the duo was able to still have a good laugh.

Content creator Ruby (@famous4mypersonality) enjoys sharing random moments in her life with viewers.

Sometimes, she brings family members into her videos for added comedic effect.

In a TikTok video, the natural beauty brought her audience along for a casual day at the beach with her mom.

She lay out on the beach sand with her mother and was covered in water droplets from swimming in the water.

The TikTok user asked her opinion about her tiny swimwear, and her reaction was hilarious.

"What do you think of my bikini?" she asked her as she turned the camera toward her.

"What bikini?" she said back, referencing the lack of material on the swimsuit.

Ruby wore a sheer nude bikini top that subtly showcased her breasts and curvy body.

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The two women couldn't help but laugh together at her response.

"Mama judges me," she wrote in the video caption.

Several people online also tossed in their two cents about her look.

"It's fabulous!" a viewer complimented.

"It’s incredibly strong," another chimed in.

"Sorry. I didn't even notice you were at the beach," an admirer wrote.

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