I wore a revealing outfit to have dinner with my boyfriend’s family – he was so mad he sent me home | The Sun

ONE girlfriend put on a show at dinner with her boyfriend's family.

The daring woman donned a revealing outfit that resulted in her abruptly going home.

YouTuber Jehiely (@JehielyNAlex) posted a video to prank her boyfriend, but he didn't find her joke funny.

"Wearing a revealing outfit in public to get my boyfriend's reaction," she said.

The sneaky partner stepped out of her car in a big black overcoat.

She pressed her finger to her lips, "shushing" the camera.

Slowly, Jehiely unzipped her jacket to expose a cutout dress underneath.

Her dress was a black bodycon one with a diagonal cut through it.

Sparkly ties laced through the slit, leaving the middle of her chest open. Jehiely's black bra and thong were fully visible.

"We are here to eat dinner with his mom," she said. "He is going to be so mad."

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Jehiely's boyfriend rounded the car from the other side. He wasn't happy when he saw her.

"Oh my God," he exclaimed. His mom began screaming: "I'm not going in!"

The boyfriend grabbed Jehiely and threw her over his shoulder while rushing back to the car.

He opened the door and put her inside. "We're going to a family restaurant," he screamed.

Jehiely pretended as if she was going to put the coat back on. But at the last second, she chucked it back at her boyfriend and made a break for it.

Her partner sprinted after her to catch Jehiely before she entered the restaurant.

Viewers commented their harsh opinions.

"That mom does NOT like her son’s girlfriend. She’s too much for her," one individual guessed.

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Another person remarked: "He is so sweet. He’s not angry, but the way he’s picking her up and making sure no one sees her lolz."

"When she started running, that's like a little toddler making a run for it, trying their hardest knowing full well they ain't going nowhere," one woman wrote.

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