I went on a first date & it lasted less than 2 minutes – his mean comment about my appearance had me instantly walk away | The Sun

YOU know a date is bad when you haven't even ordered a drink yet and you want to leave.

Unfortunately for one young woman, that's exactly how a first date started for her.

A TikToker named Wendy Graham shared in a video the story of a terrible date she had while meeting someone over coffee.

Except she never even ended up ordering coffee because of a horrible comment her date made to her.

She said: "I just had a coffee date. Well, it lasted less than two minutes so I don't know if it qualifies as a date."

Graham said that the two of them had not ordered their drink yet when her date told her: "You're chubbier in person."

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She said he then started to make grabbing motions at her stomach, but the rude comments don't end there.

"So I say, 'Is that a problem for you?' then this guy goes, "Hopefully your personality will make up for it," Graham explained.

That seemed to be the tipping point for Graham as she said she didn't reply to her date and immediately left.

She then called out her date directly: "You never say that to anyone.

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"Not to mention, I look awesome. Sorry, I look adorable ok? Your loss."

In a follow-up video, Graham revealed that her date wasn't all that happy with her viral video as he asked her to take it down.

He apparently messaged her: "Take down your stupid video. Not my fault you're overly sensitive."

Graham, however, decided that she would not delete the video and several people in the comments section had Graham's back.

One wrote: "Bullet dodged my friend."

Another added: "This is the best revenge. You literally didn't do anything wrong to this man. You just told your story."

"Oof. Gaslighting, emotional manipulation, AND verbal abuse that quick?! Holy red flags," a third comment read.

Someone else commented: "If he’s so offended by his own words then he should use this as a learning experience. Leave it up."

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