I weigh over 200lbs and I love my body – I won’t stop posing in a bikini | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has shared how much she loves her body, especially when she wears a bikini.

She showed off her over 200lb figure and curves in a body positive video.

TikTok user Madi (@mindsetmadi) firmly believes that "confidence is a mindset."

The brunette carries this thought process through her social content that pertains to fashion with a body-confident message.

She combined her two passions in a popular TikTok video that subtly hit back at her critics.

The content creator showed love and dedicated the video to her "200+ beauties."

At the start of the video, the bold beauty wore a stylish brown and khaki-colored bikini as she stood outside.

The subtitle written above her head read: "They look like they're over 200 pounds" in a negative connotation.

Madi stood proudly in the skin-baring outfit, showing off her voluptuous shape as she posed with her hands on her hips.

Before the video came to a close, she picked up her left arm and did a revving motion while walking closer to the camera like she was going to throw a punch.

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The powerful move emphasized how she was hitting back at her critics.

Her self-love video resonated with many people and they made that apparent in the comment section.

"I love your swimsuit. It looks amazing on you," one viewer commented.

"You're very gorgeous! Never listen to people who hate on you! You just got another follower!" another chimed in.

"Beautiful girl," a fan added.

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