I wash my son’s leftover dinner to get the sauce off and then eat it – my husband thinks it’s weird but I'm saving money

IF YOU are looking to save money and reduce food waste, you might be interested to know more about a TikTok mum’s hack.

The hack has left the internet divided – with some thinking it’s ‘horrifying’, whilst others claim it’s ‘genius’. 

The eco-friendly mum, known on TikTok as ‘Myplantbasedfam’, regularly posts plant-based, healthy recipes. 

But one of her more recent videos has got people talking.

The mum revealed that in order to reduce food waste and save money, she washes her son’s leftover pasta to get the sauce off, and then eats it.

She explained that her husband thinks it’s weird but she thinks it’s perfectly normal, so she wants people to share what they think and settle the debate.

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The mum posted the video with the caption ‘I feel like I’m about to have my feelings hurt posting this’.

She said: “I need you guys to settle a debate for me.

“I wanted a different type of pasta, and my son did not touch his pasta during lunch.

“So I decided to save the pasta by rinsing off the sauce and creating the pasta I wanted to have again, which was my kimchi pasta that I had in my previous video.

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“But my husband thinks it’s really weird that I did this.

“He was looking at me like I was crazy when I was rinsing off this pasta.

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“So I gotta know, is it weird, or is it a good way to reduce food waste?” 

The video has racked up a whopping 401.3k views and has 22k likes, 422 comments and 103 shares.

TikTok users were left divided over the woman’s choice to re-use her son’s pasta, with many taking to the comments to express their opinions.

One person said: “I mean it’s weird but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea lol.” 

Another added: “It’s a good way to reduce your waste it would’ve gone in the trash otherwise and when you had an idea to use it for why not.” 

A third commented: “Personally I think its brilliant, but a bit odd.” 

Someone else thought it was: “Simply genius.” 

Another user said: “I wouldn’t do it- it’s weird. I’d have either eaten my kids pasta or saved it for later and eaten what I wanted. But more power to you.” 

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However, one TikToker claimed: “I’m horrified.” 

Another user admitted the idea: “Weirds me out.”

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