I was terrified I would die from breast cancer like 9 of my family – I survived and have new boobs made from my stomach – The Sun

Riddled with fear that she would die like the nine family members she'd already lost to the vicious disease, Natasha went through a gruelling 10-hour surgery having a mastectomy and reconstruction.

“I’d found the lump while running the bath.

Nine of my family members have had cancer. Only three have survived, and I am one of the lucky ones.

"They reassured me, telling me it was just a cyst, but although I wanted to believe them, I knew it was more than that.

“They wanted me to have chemo first to shrink the tumour, but I just wanted the lump out of my breast. In May 2014, I had a ten-hour operation, a mastectomy followed by a reconstruction.

After having my tattoo the low self-esteem I’d had about my breasts, which had prevented me feeling truly confident, had gone.

“I was overwhelmed by the results. But although I had a partner at the time, I still didn’t feel confident enough to take my bra off, for the whole two years we were together.

"Something pretty had come out of the scars and the trauma. I’d turned an ugly situation into a beautiful one.

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