I was stunned when I discovered what the point on a ketchup cap is actually for – I’d been doing it wrong for years | The Sun

A MUM has been left stunned after learning just what the point on a ketchup cap is actually for.

Laura took to TikTok to share a video in which she revealed the life hack she'd just picked up, as she explained she was "today years old" when she figured it out.

"I was today years old when I found out, this little piece under the ketchup cap is used to poke a hole in the centre of the cover," Laura said in the clip.

"So that it’s easier to get the ketchup out without having to remove that.

"Like, did anybody else know this?"

"How many years old were you when you found this out?" she captioned her video.

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Others in the comments section were quick to admit they also didn't know what it was for, with one writing: "WHAT?!?!

"Every time someone pours ketchup, we get a flood. I wish I knew this earlier!"

"What?! I had no idea?!" another added.

"Found out just now," a third wrote.

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While others insisted it's actually for another purpose – to plug the ketchup spout and stop the condiment from drying out.

"It really isn’t," someone else commented.

"It’s to seal the tiny spout under the cap when it’s closed."

"No its not for that its to cover the little hole on the cover and to keep your ketchup fresh," another added.

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As a third weighed in: "That’s wrong.

"Also the ketchup is much much easier when the entire film lid is removed."

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