I was quoted £3.5k for my dream hair so jetted to Turkey to get it done for £3k cheaper – you get the ultimate glow-up | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has revealed that she travelled across the world to get her hair done. 

Bryn Elise, a travel and beauty fan, explained that she was quoted $4,450 [£3,596] for her dream hair extensions, but instead of forking out the cash, jetted from the United States to Turkey to get her locks done instead.

There, she paid just $500 [£404] for her new look and claimed that the Turkish hairstylists work “magic” on your hair. 

In total, including her flights, accommodation and hair, Bryn spent £1,334 on her locks, a whopping £2,262 cheaper than if she was going to have it done in the States.

Opening up about her hair experience on TikTok, the blonde-haired beauty said: “I just flew all the way to Turkey to get my hair done and you’re coming with me to the salon today.

“I know it sounds crazy to travel all around the world for a hair appointment, the last time I did this, people were so astounded the video went viral and I actually ended up on the news.

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“I had Turkish guys in my DMs for months, I got a lot of marriage proposals.

“But here’s why going to Turkey to get your hair done is so worth it.

“Firstly, I am convinced that Turkish hairstylists are the best in the world.

“A few hours in the salon there and they will transform you into the hottest version of yourself, it’s like magic.

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“Second, prices in the US are out of control, we all know that.

“US citizens have been going abroad for medical and dental work for years – remember when I spent $92 [£74] to get two cavities filled in Thailand?

“But now, salon prices are a little steep too.

“I love my US salon and they’re good at what they do but when they raise their prices for the hair extensions I get, to $4,450 [£3,596], I decided that if I wanted that hair, it was just another service I would have to go abroad for.

“So I tracked down the stylist from Instagram, saw he lived in Turkey and decided to book an appointment and put the money I would’ve spent on an appointment towards a vacation in Turkey.”

In the clip, we saw Bryn in the hairdressers’ chair, as her short locks were transformed with a full head of long, curly extensions.

She added: “Even though we can only communicate with Google Translate, I really trust him with my hair.

“My plane ticket to Turkey was $800 [£647], my hair was $350 [£283], my hair was $500 [£404] and it was an amazing experience.

“If you’re ready for the glow up of your life you need to visit a Turkish hairstylist, I promise you, you will never look back.

“It is so worth it.” 

Bryn shared her clip just four days ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 1.1million views.

It has 89.4k likes, 1,687 comments and 3,209 shares.

Social media users were left open-mouthed at the woman’s hair and were impressed that she jetted off to Turkey for the new look.

One person said: “Your hair was only $500?! Yep I’m going to Turkey for my extensions too” to which Bryn confirmed “Isn’t that amazing?” 

Another added: “This is so smart. Get a free vacation out of it.” 

A third commented: “Your hair looks great.” 

Whilst another confirmed: “Got my hair done in Turkey and best experience ever.” 

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Meanwhile, one beauty fan asked: “I have to know, how do you keep up the maintenance?”

To this, Bryn explained “I learned from last time that I can push it for six months between appointments if I have to. Realistically I should be going every three months but natural hair is actually pretty thick and so as it grows out it’s not so noticeable.”

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