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A MUM was left mortified when her DIY hair dye job left her looking like a 'Space Raider'.

Teneal, from Idaho, US, decided to save some money by touching up her hair at home, but things went horribly wrong when she noticed a red rash develop on the back of her neck.

The mum-of-three went to the hospital when she noticed things take a turn for the worse two days after applying the hair dye.

Teneal's entire face started to swell, leaving her looking unrecognisable for days.

Later that week things were still getting worse, despite taking a second trip to the hospital and using an EpiPen as well as taking other medication for the reaction.

Luckily, the mum saw the funny side of things and decided to share snaps from her fail on TikTok where it quickly went viral, racking up 17.8 million views.


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Eventually things started to look more normal, although she still had some swelling and puffiness under her eyes.

She updated followers online: "Doing much better, still have a rash on my neck! Amazing to see the difference just wanted to share."

Luckily, the reaction wasn't painful but "just uncomfortable" for the mum.

And after things began to improve she warned others who want to dye their tresses at home to always do a patch test first.

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"I was just trying to somewhat spread awareness on an allergic reaction that could happen possibly when colouring your hair.

"I've tried to find some humour in this. Thanks for all the well wishes and the super funny names and laughs," she said.

And despite loving her fresh, glossy locks, Teneal admitted that it wasn't worth looking like an 'alien' for a week.

Viewers were left in disbelief by the mum's severe reaction, and some admitted they'd experienced something similar.

One said: "I'd like to begin by saying I'm glad you're ok but I'll end with this: It's giving Drop Dead Fred fridge scene."

A second commented: "Omg I'm literally going through this right now, my eyes are swollen and I look like Megamind."

"This is why I always do a patch test on my clients," one hairdresser wrote.

And someone else joked: "All I hear is 'Heyyy youuu guyyysss' but seriously hope you're ok."

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