I was cheated on and gave up on finding love – now I'll only date men if they match my star sign… it's changed my life | The Sun

UNLUCKY-in-love Kelly Rian Sanson has been cheated on and nearly gave up on finding Mr Right – now she says she'll only date men if they match her star sign.

The stunning 34-year-old is just one of the contestants who feature in a bold matchingmaking show, which sees top astrologers maTch couples using only their birth charts.

Kelly, who has been single for three years, said: "It’s 100 per cent written in the stars.

"I really pray that there’s a second series because I had the time of my life and I can't wait for someone else to experience what I experienced. I loved every moment.

"It definitely, definitely works."

She is one of 12 starry-eyed singletons who travel to a luxury Greek mansion to couple up for the Discovery+ series, Written In The Stars.

Before going on the show, presented by Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo, former model Kelly describes her love life as “questionable”.

She says: "I've been cheated on. It was my first love so when it ended badly, it really affected me.

"I’d describe my love life as questionable based on the funny choices I’ve made.

“It obviously never worked out so that’s why I was single.”

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Kelly was single for three years and was looking for someone other than her cat to share a bed withCredit: instagram/kellyriansanson
Kelly applied to the dating show because she is looking for Mr RightCredit: instagram/kellyriansanson
Actress Kelly belives astrology really can find you the man of your dreamsCredit: instagram/kellyriansanson

Kelly, who is originally from Cheshire but now lives in Little Venice, West London, added: "I don't have time to waste any more for like, you know, time's ticking. I don't want to waste time on meaningless relationships.

“I want a really deep connection. I want The One."

Each contestant – many of whom wouldn’t look out of place on Love Island – represents the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Astrologers Michele Knight-Waite, Colin Bedell and Francesca Oddie matched Kelly with cheeky Cancerian David Templer, 32 – better known as The Shirtless Chef on TikTok.

Kelly, who is a Gemini, explains: "He's not my usual type. On a night out, I don't think I'd be attracted to him.”

But it was Olympic bobsledder Toby Olubi, 35, from Clapham, South London, who initially caught her eye in the mansion.

Actress Kelly recalls: “Toby was my type and I thought, ‘oh my God, I’m going to match with him. But then I was wasn’t and as I got to know him, I understood why.

"I was so open to the experience. They'd obviously matched us for a reason. I was willing to learn and see why.

"With the show, I just thought, 'Oh my god, I'm gonna get three professionals that can help me find love.' So what an amazing way to meet someone.”

Kelly says the experts made her see how and her and David were “more aligned”.

The six couples must share a room for the length of a lunar cycle – about a month.

Kelly says: “It was quite overwhelming. You've just met like 10 minutes ago and you have to share the same room, same bathroom, but honestly, it was just it felt so natural. Straightaway, we were just constantly laughing.

“We had lots of banter.”

There was also sizzling chemistry, with David even going in for a cheeky kiss shortly after they were matched.

Much like other reality TV dating shows Love Island and Married At First Sight, their every move is watched by producers.

Kelly says being on the show has helped her to see where she may have gone wrong in previous relationships.

She says of the experience: “It was weird to learn about yourself. It’s very vulnerable to open yourself up like that. It makes you question your choices in the past and realise how you react in certain scenarios.”

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She added: “It was a rollercoaster of emotions. There was definitely some drama. People will have to tune in to find out.”

Written In The Stars is available to stream now exclusively on Discovery+

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