I was branded 'selfish' for not sharing my granddad's inheritance with my step siblings but they had no relationship | The Sun

FAMILY disputes can be stressful, especially after the passing of a relative. 

And one woman is experiencing exactly this after her grandfather died and she received some inheritance. 

The woman, 20, who is anonymous, claims to be branded “selfish” after she refused to share her inheritance with step siblings.

Taking to Reddit, she claims the reason for this is that they didn’t even have a relationship with grandfather.

In a lengthy post, asked for some unbiased advice on what she should do.

Explaining the complicated relationships with her step family, she wrote: “I was five when my parents divorced. Eight when my father passed unexpectedly. 


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“Ten when my mama remarried a guy who was a single father of four kids, who she eventually adopted.

“I watched her play mother to these children while I got the short end of it. I was a troubled teen. 

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“I even got pregnant at fourteen and was kicked out on the streets by my mother and stepfather.”

Fortunately, she could count on the support of her maternal grandfather and aunt, who even quit her job in the military in order to care for her niece and the baby. 

She continued: “I consider her my mum and her kids my siblings.

“Everything I wished my mum had done for me, my aunt has and more. 

“Her kids consider me their sibling and vice versa. 

“She even had a college fund put to the side for me, which I’m on track to graduate from nursing school in the next year. She’s never made me feel like me or my child are a burden.”

Everything I wished my mum had done for me, my aunt has and more

Although her relationship began improving with her birth mother, things started to become complicated when it came to her grandfather’s will. 

She wrote: “My mother approached me and asked me (more like assumed) how much I planned to give my adopted siblings because my grandfather hadn’t left them anything.

“I told her that I wasn’t and that if anyone deserves anything it would be my aunt and my real siblings, though I know they would never accept anything from me. I told my mum that her kids weren’t my siblings. 

“I don’t really have a relationship with them and they have their shady ways.

"She called me a selfish little (something that rhymes with punt). She and her family started harassing me which upset me.”

She concluded by saying that the harassment stopped after her aunt visited her mother, but said she still worries that she's 'cheating' her step siblings out of money. 

'Her family started harassing me which upset me'

Many people rushed to the comments section to condemn the mother for kicking her daughter out when she was so young.

One even branded the mother an “egg donor”, writing: “NTA [not the a*****e] Drop your egg donor and don’t look back.”

Another said: “NTA. Your inheritance is yours and only yours. If you wish to share it, it should go to those who you feel are deserving and only if you are happy to share it. 

“You should not have to share your inheritance if you are pressured to or if you are guilted into sharing your inheritance.”

A third agreed, writing: “In no way, shape, or form are they entitled to or deserving of ANY of your inheritance. Don't feel bad for honouring your grandfather’s wishes.”

'Drop your egg donor and don’t look back'

Others noted that if the grandfather wanted his money given to the other siblings, he would have made provisions for this in his will.

One said: “NTA. The Inheritance is yours and therefore, you get to decide what to do with it and if anybody gets anything. That's your decision alone to make.

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“If your grandfather wanted to leave an inheritance for your adopted siblings then he would have, but he didn't.”

Another added: “Nope. Your grandfather left his money to you because he wanted you to have it.”

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