I was addicted to heroin & meth & gave birth in jail – but now I’m 10 years sober, have graduated uni & writing a book

A FORMER prisoner who was addicted to drugs for ten years has shown off her incredible transformation after getting clean and turning her life around.

Jessica Kent, 31, regularly relied on heroin, methamphetamine and pills, and spent years in and out of prison for drug, assault and firearm charges.

Now, the mum-of-two, originally from New York,shares her long journey online using YouTube and TikTok to share her recovery story.

During her 10-year recovery process, Jessica has been able to graduate from university with a bachelor's degree and completely turn her life around.

She now hopes to help others who suffered the same way she did.

Jessica is also a motivational speaker and revealed in a recent clip on TikTok that she's writing an autobiography about her life, which might help others overcome their own drug addiction.

While serving 2.5 years in prison Jessica also gave birth while chained to a bed, which has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

As a result, the now healthy mum-of-two Jessica, who's also engaged, explained in a TikTok video that her mental "has not always been very good."

In addition to PTSD, Jessica suffers from insomnia, depression and anxiety, which she'd dealt with for a long time.

"Over time that got harder and harder to deal with, so after years and yearof abstinence based recovery, I realised that I needed a little bit of extra help," she said.

She revealed that she eventually sought medical professionals who could prescribe her something that would help, and now she'd "thriving and happy"

From the age of 13 to 28, Jessica was under some form of supervision, either probation or parole.

But now, medical marijuana has helped her manage her day-to-day, which has been prescribed by her doctor.

Jessica says everyone's recovery journey is different and "all paths are valid" but she's happy to have finally fond something that's worked.

Remaining positive and encouraging others, she said: "You can get sober and live your best life too. It all starts with you."

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