I was a gypsy bride but my mum didn't approve of my man – she started a fight at the wedding and disowned me

EVERYONE dreams of having that magical wedding, but sadly for some, family tensions can get in the way of their celebrations.

This was sadly the case for Lexi, a 16 year old Romanichal traveller, whose family were not supportive of her decision to wed a non-traveller man.

Appearing on the TLC series Gypsy Brides US, Lexi lived at home with her mother, Maryann, who is a strong believer in the traveller way of life, saying: “It breaks my heart that the traditional gypsies are a dying breed, and it’s a culture we work very hard to maintain.”

Lexi, who is set to marry Kenny, 23, says: “Kenny and I were talking for like a week and then we started dating for like a week and then he asked me to marry him and I said yes.”

But it’s not the age difference, or the short time that the couple have been dating that has Lexi’s mum, and aunt, upset about the upcoming nuptials, but rather the fact that Kenny is a ‘gorger’ or non-traveller.

Like her daughter, Maryann also married a non-traveller, but is adamant that Lexi won’t follow in her footsteps.

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“It took me almost ten years to get my family back,” she says, adding, “I’ve been shunned before and I won’t do it again.”

“When I married a gorger it was really hard to get back into the gypsy community,” continues Maryann, “If Lexi wants to run off with a gorger boy she’s gonna lose her family.”

Prior to the wedding, Maryann visits Kenny and tells him that if goes ahead with the wedding he has to cut off every non-traveller in his life, even his family, and join the Gypsy way of life, saying “you get rid of them, or you get rid of Lexi.”

The day of the wedding arrives and with it comes even more drama, when it turns out that Kenny has not cut off his family, and instead has invited them to the wedding.

Noticing Kenny's family, Stacie says: “I knew it was her cause I can spot a gorger a mile away, you can smell the gorger in them, cause Romanies smell good, but them gorgers, they stink.”


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Stacie then points out Kenny’s parents to Maryann, who after the officiant asks if there are any objections to the marriage, promptly stands up and announces that she does.

Confronting Kenny she shouts, “you lied, your damn gorger family’s here.”

She’s then told to sit down by Kenny’s mother.

Accusing Kenny of lying about cutting off his family Maryann adds “all gorgers are liars.”

Maryann then tells her daughter: “I will disown you, you will not be my blood no more.”

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To which Lexi replies: “I don’t give a sh**, I love him, that’s all that matters. If you want to disown me then go ahead,” causing Maryann and Stacie to storm out of the ceremony.

The wedding continues, with Lexi saying that she’s willing to leave her family and the travellers to marry Kenny.

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