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A WOMAN has revealed that she went to a nail salon to get a glamorous set of acrylic nails, but was left horrified when she left the salon.

Beauty fan Abby took to TikTok to show off her nail fail, that left her on the verge of tears. 

Abby had asked a nail technician for a pretty set of acrylics, with a blue detail – something very trendy and sassy.

But Abby was horrified when she looked at her finished acrylic nails and saw that they were far from what she had asked for. 

Abby’s nails were not as elegant as she had hoped and instead looked nothing like what she had in mind. 

She shared her clip with the caption ‘These spot the difference games are getting harder and harder.’

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In the clip, Abby shared a picture of the nails that she had asked for, followed by an image of the nails she ended up with, showing a very clear difference between the two. 

Abby’s nails were not long and rounded like she had asked for, but instead were much shorter and were a much less sharper shape. 

Not only this, but the blue colour that was used was a completely different shade than Abby had wanted.

As well as this, the detailing was done differently and the polish was much thicker than she had hoped for. 

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It’s safe to say, Abby’s nails are not as glamorous as the picture and they have left many open-mouthed. 

Her nail fail has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 2.6million views.

It has 370k likes, 1,925 comments and 10.4k shares.

Not only were TikTok users stunned at Abby’s nails, but many said that they would press charges if this happened to them. 

One person said: “I would sob.” 

Another added: “I would literally not pay.” 

A third commented: “I WOULD PRESS CHARGES.” 

Someone else noted: “I’d sue.” 

However, many were shocked that Abby let the nail technician continue with the designs after seeing how different they were to what she had intended for. 

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One user posted: “Why didn’t you stop her after the first one.”

Whilst another agreed: “The fact that I see a bunch of these and YALL JUST BE LETTING THEM FINISH like say something??”

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