I use strangers' old socks as sanitary pads & down leftover drinks in the pub, I love being a cheapskate

A THRIFTY woman has revealed that she uses strangers’ socks as sanitary pads, and drinks second-hand beers to keep costs down.

Goldy Locks is the lead singer of a rock band and says it was having a tight budget during her early years performing that saw her become obsessed with saving money.

“I’m always looking for a way to stretch my dime, I hate spending money on anything I don’t have to,” she says, speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates.

“When I was a starting artist and I was just starting in it was an absolute necessity to save every possible penny that you could and that’s still ingrained in me.”

Perhaps Goldy’s most unusual money-saving habit is when it comes to her personal hygiene.

“Women spend $200-$300 a year on feminine products, easily, that’s a scam” she explains.

Rather than forking out money for pads or tampons, Goldy, from Nashville, visits her local launderette where she collects any loose socks from lost property.

She says: “People laugh when I say I use socks as sanitary pads, but my way is way more cost effective and it’s environmentally friendly.”

And while she’s there Gold has no qualms about throwing some laundry in with someone else’s load.

She says: “I have a washer and dryer but it’s going to cost $3-$5 in water and power to do the amount of laundry that we need to do so why would I do that.”

And she won’t waste money when it comes to her petrol either, forcing her bandmates to pay her 56 cents for every mile she drives them.

The singer won’t even wind the windows down in her van because doing so “creates drag” and bumps up her gas mileage.

By keeping track of every van expense she reckons she saves $725 a month.

When it comes to kicking back after a gig, the drinks are on Goldy, but she won’t be forking our bar prices.

Goldy simply picks up the dregs from leftover pints to fill up her glass, and if she fancies something a bit stronger she will simply tip the liquid from a beer mat into a shot glass.

While Goldy may get a few funny looks she has no plans to change her habits.

“I’m as passionate about being cheap as I am about music, I look at it as a lifestyle” she explains.

“I don’t care what anybody thinks about my cheap penny-pinching ways."

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