I tried the viral face-shaving hack and it totally ruined my skin, it went spotty and sore and took months to sort out

A WOMAN has warned against a viral face-shaving hack after it destroyed her skin, causing a painful acne breakout. 

TikTok user and beauty fan Natalie often tries out different hair and beauty products and shows her followers the results.

When she tried dermaplaning, which involves shaving your face to remove hair, dirt, and dead skin cells, she was horrified by the results.

Natalie described her experience in detail in a video warning her followers not to use the hack.

She explained: “So, I ruined my skin with this beauty hack.

“I got curious and I thought: ‘Hey, why don’t I just shave my face?’ Well, it didn’t work. 

“You see, this technique, known as dermaplaning, left my skin glowing and amazing but then hell broke loose.”

She described her breakout: “It’s all bumpy. It hurts. It’s hot.”

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Natalie only managed to get her skin back to its natural, clear state after several skin treatments.

She said: “After plenty of skin treatments I was finally able to get my skin into good condition, but moral of the story, leave it to the professionals and don’t try every beauty hack you see online.”

She captioned the clip: “STOP and never do this beauty hack yourself.”

The video racked up 6.3 million views and opinion was divided in the comments section.

Several people said the hack had worked perfectly for them.

“For me it made my skin flawless”, wrote one viewer.

A second said: “Crazy how everyone’s skin reacts differently, this is a monthly routine of mine and my skin looks great.”

Others, however, said they’d had the exact same experience as Natalie.

“THIS HAPPENED WITH ME TOO”, wrote one commenter, and another said: “Same thing happened with me. Never doing this again.”

“I literally did this maybe a week ago and broke out so bad and couldn't figure out why. Now I know”, added a third. 

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