I regret my neck tattoo… the artist talked me into it and I hate it, it looks like a cabbage | The Sun

A WOMAN has admitted to massively regretting her neck tattoo when she was 19 years old. 

The beauty fan said she was talked into getting a shading that she says makes the tattoo look so much worse. 

In a TikTok video Kiya explained her tattoo regret. 

“You know how people say to be mindful of the tattoos that you get cause you might regret it when you get older?”

“I f**king hate this stupid ugly tattoo oh my gosh I hate it so much.”

Kiya explained it's not the placement of the tattoo that bothers her.

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“You know what the crazy thing is it's like it's not even that I don't like you because of the placement.”

The beauty fan says she thinks her tattoo looks like a cabbage instead of a rose. 

“I don't like it because it's not what I wanted. First of all, it looks like a cabbage. Second of all when I was getting the tattoo I told the guy this is my first tattoo, I got it when I was 19.”

Kiya explained her tattoo artist talked her into getting shading on her neck tattoo. 

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“I told him, do not put shading and this man talked me into shading it. Why am I allowing someone to talk me into getting something that's permanently done on my body?"

The beauty fan explained originally she wanted her tattoo to be closer to her chin but she’s glad she changed her mind on the placement. 

“I'm like I wanted it right here I'm actually kinda happy I didn't get right there.”

In her opinion Kiya feels the shading is what ruins her tattoo and explains she makes an effort to cover it up.

“But I feel like if this wasn't shaded I will probably like it but now that I'm getting older I hate it

I absolutely hate it and I always wanna cover it up cause I'm so embarrassed by it.”

The beauty fan even admitted that she was considering tattoo removal. Kiya left a warning to others to not rush their tattoos especially when getting them young. 

She said:  “Do not rush your tattoos, I'm telling you that now, do not rush it.”

Kiya’s video gained over 28,000 views and viewers tried to offer the beauty fan some advice to fix her failed tattoo. 

One user said: “Maybe try to get some white highlights? That may help it brighten up a bit!”

Another said: “Add colour.”

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